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Since the abolition of Public executions, the following have suffered the ultimate penalty within the walls of H.M. Prison at Durham [8].

1869, March 22, John Dolan for the murder of Hugh Ward at Sunderland. and John McConville for the murder of Philip Trainer at Darlington. This was the first execution in private at Durham. Justice Lush Judge - Caleraft executioner.

1873, January 13, Hugh Slane and John Hayes for the murder of Joseph Wain at Spennymoor. Justice Denman judge - Caleraft executioner

1873, March 24, Mary Ann Cotton for poisoning her stepson Charles Edward Cotton at West Auckland. Justice Archibald judge - Caleraft executioner.

1874, January 5, Charles Dawson for the murder of his paramour Margaret Addison at Darlington. Edward Gough for the murder of James Partridge at Sunniside near Marley Hill, and William Thompson for the murder of his wife at Annfield Plain. Justice Honetman judge - Marwood hangman.

1874, December 28, Hugh Daly for the murder of Philip Burdey at Dipton near Medomsley. Baron Cleasby judge - Marwood executioner

1875, August 2, Elizabeth Pearson for the murder of her uncle W. Watson at Staindrop. William McHugh for the murder of Thomas Mooney at Barnard Castle, and Michael Gilligan for the murder of John Kileran at Darlington. Baron Huddlestone judge - Marwood executioner

1876, July 6, John Williams for the murder of his brother-in-law John Wakes at Edmondsley Justice Lush judge - Marwood hangman.

1878, July 30, Robert Vest for the murder of his brother john Wallace in Sunderland. Road. Justice Baggalley judge - Marwood executioner

1880, November 16, William Brownless for the murder of his sweetheart Elizabeth Holmes at Evenwood near Bishop Auckland on the 18 August. Justice Field judge - Marwood executioner.

1882, May 16, Thomas Fury, “alias” Wright, “alias” Cutt for the murder of Maria Fitzsimmons, an unfortunate, by stabbing her in the breast in a house in Barnes Lane, Sunderland, on the 20 February 1869. Justice Williams judge - Marwood executioner

1883, August 6, James Burton for the murder of Elizabeth (whom he married whilst he had a wife and family living) at Tunstall Sunderland on 8 May 1883. Justice Hawkins judge - Marwood executioner

1883, November 19, Peter Bray for the murder of Thomas Pyle on the Red Hills Durham on 1st April 1882. Justice Day judge - Binns executioner

1884, May 27, Joseph Lawson for the murder of Police Sergeant Smith at Butterknowle on 23 February 1884. Justice Hawkins judge - Berry executioner

1888, December 18, William Waddell for the murder of his sweetheart Jane Beadmore at Birtley on 22 September 1888. Baron Pollock judge - Billington executioner

1891, December 22, John William Johnson for the murder of Margaret Addison at Hetton on 31 October 1891. Justice Wills judge - Billington executioner

1898, March 22, Charles Smith for the murder of this wife Mary Arm Smith at Gateshead on 27 December 1897. Justice Lawrence judge - Billington executioner

1900, December, 12 John Bowes. wife murder at Seaham Harbour on 8 September. Justice Grantham judge - Billington executioner

1901, December 10, John George Thompson, murder of Maggie Ann Lieutaud at Gateshead in September. Justice Grantham judge - William Billington executioner

1902, December 16, Samuel Walton (aged 31) miner, triple murder at Middlestone Moor on the 11 September and Thomas Nicholson (aged 24) for the murder of Mary Ina Stewart aged seven at Bill Quay on 16 August. Justice Channell judge - William and John Billington executioners

1903, December 8, James Duffy (aged 46) labourer for the murder of his paramour Ellen Newman at Sunderland on 6 September. Justice Grantham judge - William and John Billington executioners.

1904, August 2, George Breeze (aged 21) miner, wilful murder of Margaret Jane Chisholm at Seaham Harbour in July. Justice Grantham judge - executioner Billington assisted by Ellis

1908, March 24, John William Noble (aged 48) blacksmith, murder of John Patterson at Windy Nook in November 1907 and Robert Lawson (aged 35) miner, murder of Amelia Bell at Bensham in February. Justice Channell judge - HA & TW Pierrepoint executioners

1908, August 5, Matthew James Dodds (aged 43) joiner, murder of his wife Mary Jane Dodds at Hamsterley in February 1908. Justice Grantham judge - HA & TW Pierrepoint executioners

1909, February 23, Jeremiah O'Conner (aged 52) shifter, wilful murder of Mary Donnelly, aged 10 at West Stanley, on December 14 1908. Sentenced by justice Lawrence – executioner H Pierrepoint.

1909, December 8, Abel Atherton (aged 30) coal miner, wilful murder of Elizabeth Ann Patrick at Chopwell on 11 August. Sentenced by Judge Walton - executioner H Pierrepoint.

1910, July 12, Thomas Crake alias Craig (aged 24) miner and mechanic, wilful murder of Thom Win Henderson at Gateshead on the 25 March. Sentenced by Justice Grantham - execution h Pierrepoint.

1914, March 24, Robert Upton for the murder of Charles Gribbon at Jarrow - executioner Ellis

1915, August 11, Frank Steele (aged 31) labourer, murder of Nana Barrett at Gateshead on 18 May. Justice Ridley judge - executioner Ellis

1916, December 20, Joseph Deans for the murder of Catherine Convery at Sunderland. Executioner Ellis

1920, March 23, William Hall (aged 66) Brass founder for the murder of Mary Ann Dixon, widow at Sunderland. Sentenced by Mr Justice Bailhache - executioners Ellis and Baxter

1920, November 30, James Ridley (aged 50) miner for the murder of his wife Jane Ridley at West Auckland. Sentenced by Mr Justice Ridby Smith. Executioners Pierrepoint and Taylor.

1922, March 21, James Hutton Williamson miner for the murder of his wife Mary Williamson at Houghton le Spring. Tried by Mr Justice Bray, executioners Pierrepoint and Willis

1923, April 3, Daniel Cassidy (aged 60) blacksmith for the murder of his son in law at Sunderland. Tried by Mr Justice Roche - executioner Pierrepoint.

1923, August 8, Hassen Mohamed for the murder of Jane Nagi at South Shields. Tried by Lord Chief Justice Gordon Hewart. Executioner Pierrepoint.

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